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"Axel Heil possesses the special gift of recognising and supporting singers in their wholeness, as a musician and a performer. Through his coaching he creates a bridge between technical tools, and the actual goal of telling a story that touches the audience. An artistic transformation can be observed and experienced. I believe that especially in todays Opera world, this kind of work is extremely needed, in order to attain stability and stamina, over the course of an entire career."

Anke Briegel – Sopran – Royal Operahouse Copenhagen, New National Theatre Tokyo

"Through tangible, practical techniques, Axel Heil has helped me to develop and refine the qualities, authenticity, and skill sets, that are required of professional singers on stage. I feel more at ease and content with my performance, and this is a great feeling! Looking back on our work together over the years, I am able to recognise my progression and growth as an artist. I continue to feel freer, as my desire to connect myself with the roles I am singing on stage, continues to deepen."

Hanna Larissa Naujoks – Mezzosopran – Staatsoper Hannover, freelance

When I first met Axel Heil eight years ago, I did not anticipate what an important impact he would have had on me. In our first voice lesson together, beginning of 2015, I soon realised that his keen, analytical abilities, perfect ear, individual approach, clear instruction and suggestions, would be exactly what I needed. I very rarely, or even never at all, experienced these qualities in other vocal pedagogues. Today, we work together regularly, through live or through Skype lessons. And I must say, that Axel has saved my singing. Not because I sung badly, or unhealthy, but because he was able to bring about balance and harmony between myself and my voice, and has helped me to anchor this deeply within. He taught me, that every sound which I produce, is significant, and can come directly from my inner being. Axel Heil created an awareness and consciousness in me, without which I can no longer imagine the art of singing."

Tomasz Raff – Bass – Opera Breslau, Mainfranken Theatre Würzburg, freelance–

"Axel Heil has a very individual approach, paired with comprehendible methods. This has helped me immensely over the years, to overcome many old pre-programmed mechanisms and habits. It is extremely valuable for me to have someone that is knowledgeable and continues to amass knowledge of the human voice and its function, as an instrument. I feel that working with Axel Heil is a huge asset, regardless of how much experience a singer has. You can step out of the busy Opera industry and take the time to focus on your needs. Axel Heil's know-how and support continue to help me with my life long search, as a tenor – the search for brilliant resonance, without compromising my vocal health."

Ivan Tursic – Tenor – Komische Oper Berlin

"As an opera singer, it's very important for me to have an independent coach 'outside' of the system. In theatre-life there is little time and capacity to focus on the individual singer and their needs. While working with Axel Heil, you are presented the opportunity to try things out, and for personal growth, which in turn is empowering, and gives clarity, and a higher self-consciousness. You gain more confidence in performance situations, and especially in auditions."

Stefan Zenkl – Bariton, freelance