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20131218 Axel Heil 018I am the second eldest of three children, born and raised in Ulm, Germany. After graduating from High School and completing civil services, I studied Stage Directing for Musical Theatre and Vocal Pedagogy.

Having since gained 10 years of practical experience in both of these areas, I know what it means to be in the frontline, to lead, to satisfy and to motivate. I will pass this knowledge on to you, in a precise and well-structured, easy to comprehend manner, which is suited to your individual needs. I value open, honest and direct communication between us, as equals. Over the years, one of my main areas of focus has been coping with, and mastering various performance situations - whether it be on an opera stage or other platform.

This knowledge I gladly pass on to you. Let us work together to develop your authenticity, find your wholeness, sharpen your profile and tap into your full potential. Increase your success by stripping off "Schein" and allowing the "Sein"!